About David Martin


Birthdate: May 16, 1988

Home: New Milford, Connecticut

Height: 182 cm / 6 ft

Weight: 167-175 lbs

Education: BS Skidmore College, Masters Candidate Southern Connecticut State University

Started Triathlon: 2012

Contact: davidgamartin1@gmail.com


Career Highlights:

World Championship Qualifier ITU Long Distance Championships

World Championship Qualifier ITU Standard Distance Triathlon

2018 - 1st Hopkins Vineyard Triathlon

2018 - 5th Division IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City

2018 - 2nd Division Lifetime Championship at NYC Triathlon

2018 - 2nd Division Lifetime Tri South Beach Triathlon

2018 - 1st Steep Rock 10k

2017 - 1st Stamford Triathlon

2017 - 1st Pawling Triathlon



David Martin is an Elite Amateur Triathlete based in New Haven, CT.  After growing up playing hockey and soccer, he found his way to triathlon after college.  David competed in a couple races for fun ,but never thought about training seriously until competing in the NYC Triathlon in 2015, which was his breakthrough race. 

Between 2006 and 2010, David traveled to England, Italy, and upstate New York to pursue an education in the liberal arts at Skidmore College.  At the time, he was more interested in world history, science, languages, and humanities. This is when his  athletic career took a back seat.  He focused more on self-discovery and finding his passions.

Following graduation, David worked for multiple companies.  While working at a physical therapy clinic as an aide, he discovered his true passion for health and wellness and made the decision to further his education in the field of Exercise Science.  He designed health and wellness programs for multiple companies including Kimberly Clark, Trident, and Odyssey Logistics.  David worked as a personal trainer for La Palestra in NYC, for independent clients in the north east, and began to coach triathlon in 2016 when he met up with Full Throttle Endurance in NYC.

Since that meeting, David has become a coach for Full Throttle Endurance.  He has traveled with the team to Italy and has led 30 athletes through 300 miles in the Piedmont region.  He has traveled to South Beach, helping athletes with their first triathlon.  He has coached children in triathlon as young as 6 and works with clients well into their 90’s.  His passion for life, health, and for individual people’s success makes him an incredible coach and friend.

David is currently pursuing his master’s degree in exercise science and human performance at Southern Connecticut State University.  Here he focuses most of his research on sprint interval training vs endurance training and their effect of FTP and lactate threshold, and on aerobic endurance testing protocols.  He works in the SCSU Human Performance Lab as a graduate assistant where he conducts VO2max protocols for athletes, Resting metabolic rate tests, hydrostatic weighing, and other tests for athletes and people in the community. 

When he won his first Triathlon in 2017, he realized that this sport was something he needed to dedicate more time to.  In pursuit of this sport he has now won 4 races within his first 3 years of serious training with no previous swim, bike, or run experience growing up.

David is now striving to be the best athlete he can be with an incredible team of coaches, mentors and supporters including Marcelo Moreira, of Brazil, head coach Scott Berlinger of Full Throttle Endurance, his parents Nancy and Garth, brother Robert, and his boyfriend David Bennet.          

About my Blog:

The objective of this blog is to document my experiences while I navigate through my masters program at Southern as well as my slow process of figuring out what I can change to become a better athlete.  I want to showcase the time I’ve spent investigating different aspects of the sport as I’ve struggled with so many aspects of triathlon.  It hasn’t been easy training and competing in the sport. I’ve never been scared to share stories of my highs and my lows, such as struggling with depression, my personal life, and more. I hope that with my stories and experiences I can help others navigate their journey