• David Martin

Carefully looking at Nutrition Labels

What does it mean on the nutrition label when it says it will get rid of creatine kinase? How do you know that’s a good thing? It sounds pretty

awesome, like if I consume that, I’ll be able to fly.

How accurate are claims and how do we know what is farse and what is true. Just learn that you should always be skeptical and be an investigator. It’s ok to not know it all, i embrace it. Just practice due diligence and take a moment to look for yourself.

Here is a nutrition label for a company associated with Nike athletes. First claim, reduction of lactic acid. What does that mean? Lactate is a metabolite made by the body while converting glycogen into beautiful molecules that help muscles contract and cause other very cool things to happen. In the science community lactic acid is now officially lactate, because it is different and we do not form lactic acid. Lactic Acid has an additional hydrogen molecule.

Getting rid of creatine kinase!? Is that a bad thing? What does that mean? why do we want to get rid of something that is structurally part of our muscles? Above is a picture of a small protein in our body that is involved in muscle. Creatine kinase is a structural support! It also helps develop sprint power! It’s important in metabolism so I’m not sure wat that claim means....

Increasing aerobic threshold? How does it do that? I would want to know how they believe the product does that. I would like to know what they mean by that? Do they think the oxygen delivery to working muscles will increase because of their supplement? Is it because when you stay Hydrated you help maintain blood volume which is important for oxygen delivery? Give me your thoughts in the comments.

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