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Time to navigate my way to the 2019 ITU World Championships

At the Yale University Track finishing a brick workout

Pre-Season starts now.

What is involved in pre-season training? One objective of mine is not falling in the trap of training too hard too soon. I want to peak around august, and working too much on long hard sets with short rest right now would certainly send me deep into fatigue too early.

Right now the focus is on building strength. I want to focus on my peak power output on the bike, I want to focus on form and technique with my swim, and I want to keep my running volume low so I can keep my body fresh and healthy.

Paddle and pull buoy time! Here is a shocker, I am so much slower with a pull buoy. That means my legs are doing a lot of the work with my swim and my arms are slacking. So, my coach Marcelo and I have placed some boring, long sets of using the buoy and paddles into my schedule. What does this mean!? 4x400, 3x500, 3x300, etc. What’s the rest? Interesting one of my classmates at SCSU made an interesting suggestion. Why prescribe rest? If you can rest 10” and repeat the set at the same intensity why not? Why would you take 1-2 min? I am having more fun now taking the time I believe I need in-between sets because I know as the “A” races come closer, to build aerobic fitness I’ll have to be strict about the rest.

Squats for power! I’ve been getting my butt back into the gym to strength train which made me realize that since my hockey days in high school, I have faltered. I have stuck with 5-7 reps of my squats and lifts because I feel that I am working on strength endurance in the pool, on the bike with 20” efforts, and running with hills. If I want to build absolute strength I need to work the numbers, but at the same time be careful with the volume.

With a higher Peak power output, hopefully this leads to a higher 20 min TT, which will help with a higher FTP! The goal then is to work the lactate threshold so I can sustain a higher percentage of my VO2max during a race! If someone has a high VO2 max but can only sustain 70% of it for a race, that won’t be as great as someone with a lower max but the ability to hold 88% of it.

Indoor Trainer season! Zwift Session

The left hip has been a bit bothersome. After Dr. Altorelli took a look it was interesting for him to see that my L4-L5 region was a bit sore, as well as my SI joint. After some traction, dry needling, and Active release technique I was sore for 2 days but then feeling much better. This was after 1 month of discomfort, not pain but general discomfort. I brought the run volume super low, started to do some windshield wiper stretches every night, and was really careful with how I sat during the day, trying to increase lumbar support where I could.

The week ahead Is tough. I’m nervous about my 20min time trial and my trip to swim in the city on Thursday, but I have to remind myself that hey…I took a break to heal my body and the numbers won’t be what they were in the summer. I just need to relax and trust the process.

South Kent, Connecticut outside ride

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